COVID19- Questionnaire Solution

COVID-19 Management Solution

Solution Overview

ActionTrac's leading COVID Management cloud based solutions can include automated Health Screening, Vaccine Management and Lab Result Tracking as well as a Pandemic Readiness Solution.

The COVID-19 Management solution gives companies maximum flexibility for handling the roll out and health safety for employees. The modular flexibility and design enables organizations to use (for example) Vaccine Management and then later add Automated Employee Health Screening or clients can implement the full COVID Management suite all at one time.

Pandemic Readiness Solution

Pandemic readiness is critical for all organizations wanting a system to immediately deploy (within 24 hours) when and if a new variant/disease emerges. ActionTrac Pandemic Management also enables organizations to comply with their own Board Governance as well as any other requirements for local and state regulations - not to mention new OSHA COVID health requirements for employers that will be in their permanent standard.

A Pandemic Readiness Solution is quickly becoming a must have for most organizations regardless of size and industry.

Exception Reporting

If a questionnaire answer does not meet a threshold for safety, an additional follow-up action is automatically triggered and the relevant company employees get notified.

The solution is fast to implement and it can easily demarcate the three employee location profiles:

  • Work at Home
  • In-office
  • Guests (intermittent or one-off visits)

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