COVID19 – Company Protocols for Employees Returning to the Office

As governments and states ease lockdown restrictions worldwide and offices re-open, employers must
take certain precautionary measures before allowing employees access to workspaces. The World
Health Organization and the Centre for Disease Control laid down specific guidelines for employers to
prevent the spread of corona .
The guidelines are divided into three sections:
1. How to prevent the spread of COVID19 in the workplace
2. Managing coronavirus risk during meetings
3. Safe business travel guidelines

Preventing the Spread of COVID19 in the Workplace

Your best offense against coronavirus is a strong defense, which is why all health organizations keep
stressing on preventive measures. One of the most significant areas is the COVID-19 Employee
Questionnaire . A full featured COVID-19 questionnaire can provide a perimeter defense that allows
companies to check the health status of all employees before the come to work. You can find more
information on the ActionTrac COVID Questionnaire Solution here.

Other Preventive Measures include:

Make sure all workspaces are clean and hygienic. Wipe all surfaces, such as desks, door handles,
telephones, etc. with disinfectants regularly.
● Conduct health seminars in the workspace, promoting regular hand washing as it kills the virus.
● Place sanitizers across different locations in the office and refill them regularly. Make sure to
install them in cafeterias, doors, and all high contamination risk surfaces.
● Keep masks and tissues readily available in the office and encourage their use, especially by
employees who develop a runny nose or a slight cough.
● Install closed dustbins for the disposal of tissues to stop the spread of the virus.
All these measures promote good general and respiratory hygiene practices. By being extra careful
about cleanliness, you can effectively prevent coronavirus spread during daily work hours.

Safe Business Travel Guidelines

Remote screen share products have become even more popular during the lockdowns. Employees that
would normally conduct face to face meetings have seen how productive screen share meetings can be.
Not only are remote meetings saving time and travel expenses for companies but they limit COVID
exposure as well.

Preparing the Workspace

Prevention is easier than a cure. By creating a well-ventilated workspace and following excellent hygiene
standards, companies can create a safe workspace for its employees. Creating isolated work stations is
also something all companies should consider.

However, by following the guidelines for employers to prevent the spread of corona , life can return to
a semblance of what it was pre-pandemic. All companies should also look into changing sick leave
policies and include the option for work from home for those awaiting test results.