Send to all or specific employee groups with ActionTrac's Employee Messaging Solution

Giving unprecedented flexibility for getting important alerts and updates to the right audience.

Mass Group Messages

Send Messages to all employees or to a subset by department or location.

Specific Departments

Enable Managers to send messages from any Department such as HR or Sales. Messages can alerts or important updates.

Attachment and other send options

TextStar enables multiple channels of remote communication. They include Email messages and mobile data messages that can accept attachments.

From a Dashboard

Within in seconds you can send a mobile message to your workforce. Capture the "transaction" history of the time of sending and who sent the message.

Reach all employees instantly with Mobile Messaging the Real Time Communication Channel.

Send messages for marketing, sales events, announcements, or notifications. ActionTrac Mobile Messaging makes communicating with your Employees in a convenient and real time fashion

Easy & Efficient

Instant Communications

In seconds send a message to a target group or all employees. Employees on the move or employees at their desk will instantly receive the message.


Unfortunately incidents will happen and when they do you want to get the word out quickly. Could be everything from a closed parking lot, water leak or an important reminder.

Company Messages

Keep a complete record of all company messages sent - the messaging system can be completed integrated into the ActionTrac suite of products.