Creates an environment that rewards Teamwork , Alignment, and Customer Success

Peer Driven Recognition

Set up in minutes by following 5 easy steps.

Simple and intuitive to use and even more simple to administer

  • Department
  • Kudo Category
  • Awards Level(s)
  • Locations
  • Employees


Gallop Poll shows USA worker productivity on average at 38% - we all want a highly motivated and productive work force but many of the tools to help management have been missing or inadequate. PeerSocial changes this dynamic by delivering an impact solution for your work force. The solution can make an immediate impact on your employee productivity, moral, customer service and even the end resulting revenue.

  • Peer Social allows companies to easily create Kudo and Appreciation categories
  • Allows peers to Nominate work colleagues (or could be partners) as many times as is warranted
  • Nominations are simple to approve
  • Establish Kudo award fixed budget per approved Kudo in set up
  • Gets all employees highly engaged in the Spirit of team work and supporting each other
  • Categories for Support, Leadership, Team player, Extra effort and if management wants even more formal award categories like Employee of the Month
  • Not only is PeerSocial fun and engaging for the work force but it also contributes highly to your companies work force productivity


Your Team

All in this together - Unified
Mantra around watching out for each other
Team Confidence and Cohesiveness
Understanding roles, capabilities and each other

Company Mission

Extremely satisfied Employees
Productive and fun work environment
Meet or surpass goals for the year
Stellar Reputation


Wonderful Work Environment
Super and referenceable customer
Engaged Employees
A great customer Experience